To ensure that the desired level of quality, safety and environmental protection can be implemented, every employee of the company is involved and made familiar with the relevant standards. It is important to Schildecker that quality is lived in all areas – by people for more safety in all areas.

People and Safety

Ongoing investments in safety and technology as well as in the company's own workshop, where vehicle inspections are regularly carried out, underline Schildecker's high sense of responsibility: evidently more is done than is legally required. The result is a comparatively low rate of accidents; therefore, people come first, together with appropriate safety measures.

The qualification of a truck driver in a C/C1 95 training course is prescribed by law. This is supplemented by annual training modules. When applying to our company, it is important that these training requirements are met in conjunction with the appropriate age. An ADR certificate is also required.

The legal basis for driver qualification is based on the directive 2003/59/EC, §19, 19 a-c Freight Transport Act, Basic and Further Training Regulation (GWB) as well as §11 Para. 4a Driving Licence Act. The following points are thus given priority:

  • driving behaviour
  • ensuring the safety of the cargo
  • social legislation relating to vehicle traffic
  • rules for the carriage of goods by road
  • health, transport and environmental safety

If all requirements are met, there is nothing to stop you from leading a varied and responsible life as a truck driver – but watch the video to see for yourself how a day at work is done.



When cleaning tanks, it is extremely important to handle chemicals carefully: In addition to precisely defined precautions, appropriate clothing is worn including safety belt and goggles: safety is essential.

History and Future

The internationally operating Schildecker Transport GmbH of today was founded in1945 by Karl Schildecker. The company founder started with a tractor under the most difficult post-war conditions. From 1949, the first truck was used for timber and beet transport.

Today, tank and silo transports as well as container trucking are carried out with an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles. This provides a future-oriented basis. The offer of tank cleaning as well as the additional service of a filling station for Diesel and Super 95 at discount prices complete the offer of Schildecker.

1960 - 1970

1966 Purchase of the 1st silo wagon for the transport of sugar

1966 Death of the company founder – the son Karl Schildecker and his wife Elisabeth take over the company

1970 Entry into the transport of plastics in large capacity silos

1973 Extension of the company premises – new construction of halls and buildings

1976 Specialisation in tank and silo transport as well as hazardous goods transport

1978 Transformation of the individual company into Karl Schildecker GmbH

1980 - 1990

1984 Acquisition of adjoining land and construction of additional halls

1987 Expansion of service facilities and extension of office buildings

1992 Foundation of the Schildecker Transport GmbH

1993 Introduction of a quality management system – certification according to ISO 9002

1997 Expansion of quality measures through accreditation according to the SQAS guidelines

1997 The next generation with Ing. Karl Schildecker takes over the management

1999 Edwin Schildecker is appointed second managing director

2000 - TODAY

2000 Introduction of the first on-board computer system

2006 Foundation of the Schildecker Holding GmbH

2007 Construction of the new premises in Pischelsdorf near Zwentendorf and installation of a tank cleaning plant for trucks, RTC and small containers as well as a discount petrol station

2008 Certification according to GMP+

2014 Expansion of the discount petrol station to Super 95 + Diesel + AdBlue

2015 PASTUS+ certification

2016 Implementation of order management integrated into the vehicles

2017 Certification of tank cleaning according to EFTCO Food

2019 Commissioning of container depot

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