Transport and Logistics

The demands of today’s transport industry involve much more than the actual reliable delivery of goods within countries and across Europe. Pre-requisites for comprehensive state-of-the-art logistics solutions are an integrative IT support and the professional management of time, costs, and quality.

Schildecker handles tank transports for the chemical industry in compliance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), which defines special requirements for packaging, load securing, and labelling.

Schildecker tank transports involving animal feed, meanwhile, adhere strictly to the corresponding GMP+ guidelines.

Tank and silo transports of food products and other goods as well as container-trucking round out Schildecker’s extensive range of services.

However, Schildecker not only meets the legal requirements, but makes sure to exceed expectations of its clients. In its business, Schildecker devotes an equal amount of attention to transporting goods by road, rail, and ship. Combined (intermodal) transport is also gaining importance.

For any queries about specific areas of transport and logistics, or for concrete cost estimates, please contact Edwin Schildecker personally on +43 (0) 2277 73040 202 or contact us by e-mail or through our contact form.