Schildecker Transport GmbH: Service Portfolio

While the traditional roots of Schildecker Transport GmbH are in transportation, the company now supplements its portfolio with a variety of state-of-the-art logistics and IT services. Our presence on Europe’s roads and rails features both tank and silo transports and container shipping.

In addition, the company has expanded into another field of business: tank cleaning services for lorries, RTCs, IBCs, and smaller containers. The Schildecker family and any interested third parties can thus rest assured that the containers are cleaned not only with the latest technological developments,

but in addition with a keen awareness of the company’s responsibility to the environment. Meanwhile, Schildecker is aware of the importance to maintain flexible scheduling in order to accommodate its customers’ time and quality requirements.

This flexibility has been enhanced further by the petrol station on the company’s premises. The station’s low-priced fuel is available not just to Schildecker’s vehicle fleet, but to all cars and lorries.