Quality and Certificates

At Schildecker Transport GmbH, seamless processes in all business areas are essential - in transportation, logistics, tank cleaning and in refuelling. All this is based on an outstanding quality consciousness and the responsibility in regards to existing certifications and the membership in business associations. The transportation of chemical and pharmaceutical goods is a particular challenge met by Schildecker.

As early as 1991, Karl and Edwin Schildecker were among the first to establish a quality manual. Consequently, the pan-European company was the first transportation business to obtain the desired quality certificate in Austria in August 1993. The main objectives of Schildeckers quality policy are safety, reliability, flexibility, expertise, tidiness and cleansiness.

The Schildecker Transport GmbH is a member of the VÖTS (= Austrian Association of tank and silo cleaning facilities). As a member of ECTA (European Chemical Transport Association), Schildecker supports the objectives to further improve the standards for efficiency, safety, quality as well as the environmental and social responsibility for shipping chemical goods across Europe.



… concerning tank and silo transports of food products and other goods and services for logistics as well as tank- and smaller containers

On July 2017, Schildecker Transport GmbH once again passed its ISO 9001:2015 audit and achieved the certificate CH14/0972. The updated certification includes both national and international tank and silo transports, services for logistics as well as tank and smaller containers.

download certificate DIN EN ISO 9001


… concerning transport and logistics as well as for tank cleaning

Schildecker Transport GmbH was the second Austrian Company being accredited according to the guidelines of SQAS of the European Chemical Industry Council CEFIC: in spring 1997 Schildecker provided the evidence of accreditation according to the international guidelines of the safety and quality assessment system SQAS.

download attestation SQAS transport

The SQAS-certificate allows Schildecker to certificate the European Cleaning Document (ECD) for tank cleaning.
Since 2017 we also have a EFTCO-Food assessment!

download attestation SQAS tank cleaning


… concerning feedingstuff-transports and tank cleaning

The GMP+ Certificate (good manufacturing pracice system) for feedingstuff-transports approves Schildecker to fulfil the controlled qualifications as part of the whole meat production`s feedingstuff-chain. Both this certification and the activities in tank cleaning are of great importance for the positioning in the European market.

download certificate GMP+

ECTA Responsible Care

... concerning transport and tank cleaning

„Responsible Care“ is a global, voluntary initiative developed by the chemical industry for the chemical industry. The target for all members, including Schildecker, is the commitment to exceed legal requirements: It stands for the chemical industry's desire to improve health, safety, and environmental performance.

The signatory companies agree to commit themselves to improve their performances in the fields of environmental protection, occupational safety and health protection, plant safety, product stewardship and logistics, as well as to continuously improve the dialog with their neighbors and the public, independent from legal requirements.

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… concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by tank and silo transports

The European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road, commonly known as ADR (french abbreviation of "Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route") indicates specific instructions in terms of packaging, load securing and identification of hazardous materials.

download certificate of risk prevention officer (the so-called "Schulungsnachweis für Gefahrgutbeauftragte" in German Language)