Welcome to Schildecker Transport GmbH

Though headquartered in Pischelsdorf in Lower Austria, Schildecker Transport GmbH is at home on the road and rails of Europe – as a leading provider of special logistic services.

The family-run company focuses its business on silo transports for the food products industry and other tank and silo container trucking operations. In addition, Schildecker provides special logistics solutions involving tank shipments for chemicals, food products, and animal feed industries.

Additionally, Schildecker has successfully introduced technically advanced tank cleaning services for lorries and rail tank cars (RTCs), as well as for intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and for various kinds of smaller containers.

The reason behind extending its service portfolio is the company’s awareness of its responsibility to clean dangerous goods containers in a thorough, yet environmentally friendly way.

Based on the Schildecker premises, the Diskont petrol station with its low-priced diesel and super 95 will likely interest car and lorry drivers equally.


Transport und logistics

Schildecker is known for its advanced logistics solutions in transporting tank and silo containers.
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Tank cleaning

Since 2009, Schildecker has been offering technically advanced tank-cleaning services for lorries, RTCs, IBCs, and smaller containers.

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Petrol station

Schildecker's facilities also include a Diskont petrol station.

Here is the actual price:

Diesel . . . . . . . . € 0,969

Super 95 . . . . . . € 0,989