People and Savety

In its operations throughout Europe, Schildecker boasts a low accident rate thanks to a modern vehicle fleet that meets the latest standards of technology. For regular checks, the company relies on its own garage with highly qualified staff and equipment. Schildecker’s awareness of its responsibilities regarding safety is high across the board, as proven by its efforts to do significantly more than required by law.

Schildecker Transport GmbH sets great store in running a responsible business. Its related efforts put the focus on people and corresponding safety measures.

The law requires lorry drivers to be qualified through C/C1 95 training. This training is then supplemented by further modules every year. In the application process, it is important that potential employees fulfil these professional training requirements and be of a suitable age. They also need to be in possession of an ADR licence.

The relevant driver qualification requirements are based on guideline 2003/59/EG, §19, 19 a-c of Austria’s Goods Transport Act (Güterbeförderungsgesetz), legislation governing basic and ongoing training (Grundqualifikation- und Weiterbildungsverordnung, GWB), and §11, paragraph 4a of the country’s driving licence law. In these regulations, the following points are of primary concern:

• driving behaviour
• ensuring load safety
• provisions of social law concerning vehicular traffic
• provisions concerning road haulage
• health and traffic/environmental safety

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Applicants who meet these requirements should have no problem starting an interesting, responsible and conscientious career as a lorry driver. Why not take a look at the video to find out what the average work day is like?

Safety is also very important in Schildecker’s tank cleaning operations: In addition to precisely defined safety precautions, employees in this area must wear the corresponding clothing, along with safety belts and glasses. The Schildecker rule is: “When it comes to safety, you can never be too careful.”