History and Future Outlook

The foundation for the now Europe-wide operations of Schildecker Transport GmbH was laid in 1945: Karl Schildecker started the company under extremely adverse postwar conditions with a single tractor.

Today, Schildecker’s 29 vehicles handle tank and silo transports, as well as container trucking – a solid basis for the company’s future development. In addition, Schildecker offers tank cleaning services and runs a petrol station that sells low-priced diesel and super 95 fuel.

The 2000s

2014 Expansion of the fuel station for Diesel + Super 95 + AdBlue

2011 DIN EN ISO 9001 re-certification

2008 GMP+ certification

2007 Construction of new operating site in Pischelsdorf (near Zwentendorf), new tank-cleaning facility for lorries, RTCs, and smaller containers

2006 Foundation of Schildecker Holding GmbH

2005 Schildecker Transport GmbH stands its ground in the face of fierce European competition and solidifies its leading position in the shipment of dangerous goods.

2002 Expansion of Schildecker’s tanker fleet

2000 Installation of the company’s first on-board computer system

The 80s and 90s

1999 Edwin Schildecker appointed co-CEO

1997 The next generation, led by the grand-son Karl Schildecker, takes over company management

1997 Expansion of quality control measures through SQAS accreditation

1993 Implementation of an ISO 9002-certified quality management system

1992 Foundation of Schildecker Transport GmbH

1987 Expansion of service facilities and offices

1984 Purchase of adjacent property, construction of additional halls

The 60s and 70s

1978 Schildecker’s legal form changes from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company (Karl Schildecker Ges.m.b.H.)

1976 The company begins specialising in tanker and silo transports, as well as the shipment of dangerous goods

1973 Expansion of operating premises, construction of new halls and other buildings

1970 Schildecker begins shipping synthetic materials in large storage silos

1966 Following the death of his father, Karl Schildecker and his wife, Elisabeth, take over management of the company

1966 First silo wagon purchased for transporting sugar

The 40s: Schildecker's foundation

1949 Schildecker begins using lorries to ship lumber and carrots

1945 Under harsh postwar conditions, Karl Schildecker founds a new shipping company with a single tractor